Updated: Nov 21, 2018

I had the honour of photographing one of my best mates' wedding. Liam had previously asked me if I would be an usher and a photograph his and Carla's big day, to which I obliged muchly.

People often ask me if being a guest at a wedding and also shooting it, is difficult.

It is and it isn't.

It is easy, as you don't have to worry about your subjects not knowing you and how you work, as in my case, whenever I have shot a friend's wedding they have been close friends (or family), so no probs on client/photographer confidence there. It's also easy in the fact that you have a good idea beforehand who are good subjects for shots, and people generally straight away love a bit of banter like "does anyone know how to use this thing?" or "oh sorry do have to take lens cap off?" sort of thing (I am renowned for my not so fantastic banter...). My advice is - if you do shoot a wedding, keep the banter light. I've heard about photographers whos banter is is so below the belt that it's borderline offensive and nobody wants to be in their picture, and people want them to leave. I aim to be approachable, yet invisible. Mainly, it's the ultimate compliment to be trusted to document the biggest day of someone's lives. 

It can be difficult when people offer to buy you drinks, or you get so comfortable that you can end up missing moments - as you could be doing shots with uncle Bob, while the bride and groom are doing their first dance. My rule is - first and only beer after 9pm (unless it's really hot and I need a nice refreshing cool cider), assuming that I'm driving. That way, all the shots are in the bag, and then you can really let your hair down for the last couple of hours.

Apologies if you are reading this and are thinking "where's the pictures?" Keep scrolling!

The entire day was at Hyde Barn, near Stow-On-The-Wold - and it was a tremendously fun, vibrant and guffaw-a-plenty day.

Liam and Carla are both very good friends of mine and I thank you sincerely for letting me photograph your wedding. You were both so easy going, and I think the whole day was superb. Smiles from ear to ear all day from everyone, and you were a dream to work with. I wish you both a happy marriage and a happy life together, which I know you will have!

Also, later in the night, let's just say the partying was pretty wild!