This is honestly the hottest summer that I can ever remember. I wasn't around for that famous year of 1976 that all parents seem to talk about, but apparently it was pretty close.

Once again I was working with Tom from Patch Pictures, (, and we were both slowly melting in hot and sweaty messes... Thank god we were behind the camera!

Nat + Gav got married in early July 2018, and it was the hottest wedding that I have ever worked. There was a point after the ceremony when we lined up the wedding party for a shoot, I took one photo and took the hint from everyone desperately fanning themselves, and I said lets do it later instead, as it would be a little cooler then!

I did grab a few candids outside Witley Court of Nat + Gav, and I'm so glad I did as I think they look really cool.

I've gotta give a huge shoutout to Nat and Gav. They were both so relaxed and chilled out on their big day, which is not always easy as there is so much going on, and added to that it was just so darn hot!

Their ceremony was far from plain... It was in the beautifully ornate Baroque chapel at Witley Court. It is phenomenal. You can visit there, as the court is an English Heritage site, so to see where this amazing wedding happened is easy, you can go and have a day out and see for yourself. The staff at Witley Court were lovely enough to let us all have a wander around the ruins and fountains before we headed to St Andrew's hotel for food, and more critically, water!!! I wouldn't have been suprised if temps topped 30 degrees that day. Once it cooled down, Nat and Gav did their first dance before letting the DJ (and saxophonist + bongo player) take over. They played banger after banger, and the dance floor was packed all night!

Also, a massive shoutout to Faye + Lil, two of Nat's bridesmaids, who kept me entertained all day, a pair of sisters that know how to have a laugh! Some special moments were captured on the dance floor, let's just say that...

Big love to Nat and Gav.x