Updated: Nov 21, 2018

In Christmas week 2015, Rosie and Ian had their fabulous winter wedding on the 29th December, in North Berwick, Scotland. The whole day was magical. From the piper drinking a toast and toasting their marriage in a very authentic style, to the vicar (who is a close family friend) coming out of retirement to marry Rosie and Ian, the whole day was a touch of class.

Rosie and her bridal party were getting prepared for the day and spent the morning in the fabulous elegance of her parents new house, which had been in the process of being built from scratch. Calling the house grand wouldn't even do it justice, this place has something else. A mix of cultured architecture blended with modern open space - this was the perfect place to get ready for the day.

After the morning preparations, Laura and I headed off to St Baldred's church, a place that is very special amongst the Carter clan (Rosies' side). Meeting Ian and his ushers outside the church, it was clear that the girls were not the only excited parties! The church bathed in angelic winter sunshine as guests arrived in numbers. As Rosie arrived, she was backlit by the most amazing light, and must have at that moment thought "we picked the right day to do this"!

Then it was on to the grandeur of Archerfield Estate, for bubbles on arrival. After grabbing some nearest and dearest photographs, they headed down to the waterfront venue - which is literally a few metres from the North Sea. It was going dark by now, so only twilight glimpses were available.

Being piped in by the piper (who else) was a cool moment. Rosie traditionally poured him a drink, he toasted the happy couple then he piped his way out! A great way to start speeches. The Father Of The Bride, Best Man and Groom all had the room in fits of laughter and tears! After the food arrived it was time to party, with an awesomely super cool band, with a set by DJ Edinburgh who had the skills to mix 'Superstition' with a Ceilidh!

As the evening went on, as you looked back on the day by looking around at the amount of smiling faces, and it was obvious that the day was a brilliant one. Hats off to you two!

I'm also very happy to call Rosie and Ian my mates - they were fabulous hosts and left everyone asking if we could do it all again the day after! Although from what I heard there were a couple of sore heads the morning after!

Congratulations Rosie and Ian Dorman!