About me


My name is Andrew and I'm a photographer!

My family call me Andrew, my friends call me Mag - pretty much anybody I've met since 2004 (uni) calls me Andy, as getting strangers to call you Mag is a bit weird.

I'm based in the Midlands, but I work nationwide. I'm more than happy to travel about with my camera, as you may have noticed!

I've been photographing things and people professionally for 5 years, but have always had a love for photography. I trained as an actor when I was 18 and still do the odd bit of thespian'ing now and again. If I had never taken acting professionally, I'm not sure that I would have been born into photography. I've worked with many both amazing and awful directors over the years who have shaped the way that I like to photograph. A dog's leg of an analogy I know, but the main point I'm trying to make is that you ultimately are the director when you are the photographer. When working with people, if you're not all singing off the same hymn sheet then you'll all be singing different songs. In a bad way. See my point?

It's so important to get to know your subject/s that you are shooting. I love chatting and getting to know all about who I'm shooting, not only is it great for us both to feel relaxed with each other going into the shoot, but it's always good to talk!

As you can see from the four different areas on my home page, I have divided my business into quarters. I put the same amount of energy and enthusiasm into a wedding as I would into a headshot shoot. I like to consider myself as a perfectionist, so photography is a great outlet for that as I can create things! Being creative has always been a common theme throughout my life. Right back to when I used to mix up various Lego and make my own skyscrapers.

I love all aspects of photography - there are some things I do more of, but I love what I do. It makes me happy!  

I also have a YouTube channel, where I give tips, tricks, reviews, tutorials and general wisdom (I wish) for free.

I'm a 1985 original!

The top 20 things that I love in no particular order:

Food (non-specific), documentaries about Mount Everest, guitar solos, paisley (the pattern not the place), football (not telling you who I support as it could be a dealbreaker), travel, incense, crazy shirts, Ricky Gervais, driving, take off and landing, White Rioja (try it - it's good), baby animals, ALL dogs, stargazing, hiking, wearing flip flops from February to October (aka British summer (for me)), the cold side of the pillow, going to watch the footy in the pub, tacky souvenirs from places I've been like lighters and pens. AND COFFEE!!!!     

That's 21!