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As an actor, there are few things more important than your headshot. It's your shop window giving employers in the business an idea of your character, potential and how you look. Getting it right is very important. I have been on both sides of the camera for headshots, so I understand how daunting it can feel! It's very important that I capture the essence of you - and I do that using a few simple tips and tricks during the shoot.


I try not to retouch too heavily. Post processing is essential, but I try to avoid making your portrait look 'too good'. It's much better for you to look like you, than have an unbelievably amazing looking photo that looks nothing like you! I think that the main idea is to make you look like you on a good day, i.e going to an audition - which you (probably) will need a headshot for!  


I shoot outdoors using natural light in London and Birmingham in urban locations to give a contemporary feel. Even if you have a period look, doesn't mean you shouldn't have a contemporary headshot, move with the times or get left behind! I'm also happy to shoot American style headshots on request. Ask me about it on booking your shoot. 


Leading up to your shoot, be sure to drink lots of water and cut out fast food and alcohol. Looking fresh and energised in your headshot will really come across and will give you confidence, which you will thank yourself for! Make sure that you bring a selection of tops with you, it's always better to have have tops that don't get worn than not bringing enough and not feeling happy on camera. Treat having your headshots taken like an acting job, you need to respond well to direction as well as bring some ideas yourself. If it's your first shoot or you just don't like having your headshots done, having a shoot with me will be nice and relaxing. I am sensitive around 'camera shyness' and I many techniques for you to try to make sure we get some great shots of you. It's important that we get different looks for you, as you don't want to come away with you pulling one ambiguous pose!


What do I get?


The shoot takes as long as it takes, sometimes up to 3 hours, sometimes 20 minutes. Allow a couple of hours at least, but don't make plans either side too soon just in case the weather doesn't play ball (also allow yourself to arrive to the shoot in good time)

I'll take A LOT of photos of you, then I'll narrow it down for you to view them online. I'll give you a choice of around 60 - 100.

Then it's your turn. Have a good look through, get different pairs of eyes on them, and choose 4. I will then retouch them in colour or Black and White, I'll also give you my favourite one too, so a total of 5 images, in both high resolution and low resolution.


Shoot price                £160.00

Student discount       £120.00

Group of 10 or more  £70.00 p/p