I think about treating you in exactly the same way that I would want to be treated. I'm not pushy or invasive, instead I like to think that a lot of the time you probably won't even notice I'm there. As much as I love to shoot portraits of couples, a huge part of the day is photographing your guests which I also LOVE to do. I like to consider my work as journalistic, standing on the sidelines for big portions of the day catching those reactions from people is a big part of what I do. I don't like to take lots of group and formal shots, and ask you to keep those to around 6-8 setups, as these seem to almost always be a way of slowing down the day. I also don't like to take you away from your guests for hours on end for photographs, however if you don't factor in 20 minutes for some photographs just the two of you, you will risk not having any portraits together. Typically I like to do this in 2 x 20 minute bursts, once in the afternoon soon after you're married, and later on when the light is starting to look... Sexy!





















I'm a normal kinda guy really, I like to think that I'm down to earth. I of course love photography, and basically anything cool. I love film and love to just chill with some Netflix at the end of the day. I'm a big football fan, and also I love 90's indie, I have a huge need for paisley shirts and basically anything rock 'n' roll. My biggest passion is probably the outdoors though, I've climbed a handful of mountains in the UK and have a nice collection of landscape photography. I also LOVE to travel. I haven't been around the world but I love crossing off countries that I've been to. If your wedding is outside of the UK, I'd love to hear your plans! I live in Worcester with my lovely girlfriend, we absolutely adore the city that we live in as this a half way point between where we both are from. When it comes to photography, my style has developed from "I must make sure that every shot is perfect", to "I just like to photograph the moments as they happen, rather than manipulating real life for the photographs". 



Also, we will get on like a house on fire if you like coffee...   


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