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Most people are here for the pictures, but thanks for taking the time to read this!

Your wedding day will stand out as one of best days in your life, that's a given. Your wedding photographer has the privilege of documenting the day that really tells the story. Having a collection of photographs of the day will remain a timeless possession for you and your friends and family to view time after time (Said every wedding photographer ever).

I'm not quite as cheesy and formal as other wedding photographers, chances are if you're reading this you have been trawling through lots of wedding photography sites. 

I like to shoot in a photo-journalistic way, where I will be snapping away to capture great moments of people having fun at your wedding, including you! If you are not a 'natural' (you probably are but you hate posing), then I try my best not be invasive. We will have plenty of conversations beforehand about the themes and style of your wedding and I will fit in accordingly. I don't like to be a bossy photographer who dictates orders to guests and the happy couple. Instead I like to have a laugh and a joke with everybody who I take a picture of.    

For some couples, the formal styles of photos are more important, or vice versa. With help from an usher or best man, we can round up the troops in no time to get those group shots, as well as family and friends. We will work out beforehand what shots are necessities and which ones aren't, that way there will be no confusion. Last thing that you want to do is stand there waiting for uncles and aunties to finish their conversation for a quick picture. By keeping the formal pictures to a small number, you'll have a lot longer to enjoy yourself, and we can can steal an extra few minutes to go and take some groovy portraits of you both. 

Most importantly about me, I love people! I'd love to be at your wedding as your friend more than a photographer! I'm not trying to worm my way onto the top table, but I certainly will want you to feel comfortable and relaxed rather than be aware of my omni-presence. I will stay all day at your wedding, or at least until things start to slow down. As a lover of a wedding, getting the 'confetti shot' is just as important as snapping crazy Uncle Dave pulling shapes to Superstition once the party is in full flow.

If your wedding follows a traditional style, then I will spend time in the morning/before the wedding capturing bridal party preparations. Then onto the ceremony venue and following that onto the reception venue if you have one. I like to take away the happy couple for portraits on 1,2 or 3 occasions if we have time, one fairly shortly after you have been married and once again as the outside light is dimming, as this is most commonly when you can get the nicest light and potentially the best photos, and maybe at night to get some shots in the dark by your venue if you're game. I won't keep you away from your canapés and the dancefloor for too long!

I offer two collection options, a mid-week and weekend collection.

I will happily travel anywhere in England and Wales for your wedding, but anywhere in excess of 2 hours in the car from my address (which is WR14), I will need somewhere to stay overnight the night before and afterwards. I won't fleece you for 7 star accommodation, I really enjoy a nice B&B


Full Wedding Collection



Please note - my wedding collections don't include fine art wedding albums - these are an optional extra. If you change your mind and would like an album, just send me your favourite 50-80 images (pro-rata) and I will design and work with my supplier to get it for you. I will assemble the images to match the story of the day.

from £350


Coffee Table albums are also immensely popular with couples these days, they are a little harder wearing, but the up-side is that they tend to be more of a social centre piece for obvious reasons. If you would like your own personalised coffee table style album, again, this is possible once you have selected your favourite 50-80 images.

from £75 




Having the chance to have your picture taken by me previous to your wedding gives us a massive advantage. It'll give us a chance to meet each other (for starters!), chat, have a nice stroll somewhere and chat about about your wedding. Doing a pre-wedding shoot will also be great for getting people excited about your wedding! Very soon after the shoot, you'll have a full reel of great pictures of you both before you tie the knot. They look great on save the date cards - if you book a shoot early enough before the cards go out that is... If the weather isn't playing ball, again - it's good practice to roll with the punches! I love to have a playful/cool edge on engagement shoots, as I think the very idea is to make you look as young as a couple in your relationship, as if you had just started dating. Capturing those little giggles and silly faces to try and make the other half laugh is the game!

If won't ask for any fuel expenses if we choose a location within 30 miles of WR14 (sunny Malvern). If it's in your area or somewhere sentimental or just cool, then I'll just require my fuel/train ticket sorting. We will obviously discuss upon booking it in.


Get in touch if you have questions and I'll be happy to send over a booking form.

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